DotNetNuke Admin Search Engine Sitemap

The admin Sitemap page covers the sitemap submission to Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

A search engine sitemap is a method of advising the search engine which pages you wish to be indexed and the structure of your website.

Base Page URLs Settings

Whether a page is included in the sitemap can be determined by its level and priority settings in the menu structure. Top level pages having a higher priority.

Hidden pages maybe restricted from the menu for simplicity or presentation, but still required within the sitemap. An example might be an SLA page or the legal pages such as privacy, terms and cookie policy. The include hidden pages checkbox allows this to be promoted in the sitemap.

General Sitemap Settings

When asking the search robots to visit the site, the days to cache setting is used to set your expectation regards how active the website is, how frequently the content changes and new posts created and pages added/updated.

Site submission

This last section provides the interaction with the relevant search engines to make the initial submission, with the relevant verification codes.

Admin Advanced Pages

Further pages in the admin common settings section are given in the table below:

Advanced Configuration SettingsDevice Preview ManagementExtensionsGoogle Analytics
LanguagesListsNewslettersSearch Engine Site Map
Site LogSite Redirection ManagementSite wizardSkins