DotNetNuke Admin Site Log

DotNetNuke includes a site log, located within the admin set of pages. It can be used to view who has visited your DotNetNuke website, pages visited and user registrations.

The Admin site log is accessed from the admin drop down. It is listed under the advanced settings.

The site log can provide the details for visitors to the website. Optional log reports are:

  • Affiliate Referrals
  • Detailed Site Log
  • Page Popularity
  • Page Views By Day
  • Page Views By Day Of Week
  • Page views By Hour
  • Page Views By Month
  • Site Referrals
  • User Agents
  • User Frequency
  • User Registrations By Country
  • User Registrations By Date

The site log provides a number of reports which are specific to the website, for example registrations by country, which can’t be gleaned as readily by an external agent.

In the past I have found that a site log which has been allowed to grow too much can overly enlarge the database and even slow the site down as a consequence. A table which has grown too large has required truncating, rather than simply deleting the older entries.

Maintaining a small DotNetNuke site log gives a different perspective on the site traffic and will help in the overall view and understanding of the visitors to your website.

Following my experiences with overly large site logs I generally recommend the use of Google Analytics, or one of the others, in preference to the site log. It generally provides information which isn’t available in the DotNetNuke site log. Although the DNN site log does have details regards user registrations.

Admin Advanced Pages

Further pages in the admin common settings section are given in the table below:

Advanced Configuration SettingsDevice Preview ManagementExtensionsGoogle Analytics
LanguagesListsNewslettersSearch Engine Site Map
Site LogSite Redirection ManagementSite wizardSkins