Add Browser Redirection to ASP.NET File

Perhaps a page was created with a spelling error, or a reorganisation of the website means that a particular page has been renamed. We wish to redirect our visitors to the page to a different address. In the example below its assumed that the website page has moved to […]

Comparison of Font Sizes

I wanted a comparison between the different pixel and point sizes. I’ve listed the increasing numerical size for each series side-by-side, illustrating how points get progressively larger. In the table below I’ve set the style in the pixel and point columns such that it’ll over-ride the CSS configured elsewhere.   […]

Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: two named subpatterns have the same name at offset 75

I was using the ARVE video embedder plugin on WordPress. Observing a page referencing either Vimeo or YouTube I saw the error: Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: two named subpatterns have the same name at offset 75 in /wp-content/plugins/advanced-responsive-video-embedder/public/functions-shortcode-filters.php on line 255 Disabling plugins didn’t cure the issue And reverting to […]

htaccess Difference Between Files and FilesMatch

Whilst writing the two recent articles about blocking xml-rpc access and the matching of files in htaccess. .htaccess uses Files and FilesMatch to control access to files. For example for the single file wp-config.php <Files “wp-config.php”> Order Allow, Deny allow from all deny from </Files> There’s also <FilesMatch “\.(gif|jpe?g|png)$”> […]

DotNetNuke Admin Pages

DotNetNuke divides the admin pages for a website into two sections:  common settings and advanced settings. To view the admin options hover over the Section Common Settings covers: Event Viewer – File Management – Page Management – Recycle Bin – Security Roles – Site Settings – User Accounts – Section […]

Blocking xml-rpc Access

I’ve heard that I should disable xml-rpc on a WordPress website. Why should I disable it and how? XML-RPC What is it? And how to Disable. What is xml-rpc? This is the connection for the WordPress API interface. It allows apps such as the WordPress app on an iPhone or […]

DotNetNuke Admin Themes

The DotNetNuke admin themes page shows the skins and containers available for use by the website. The page is dividend into 4 sections: Theme editor Themes Containers Edit Theme Attributes Theme editor Use the dropdown lists and checkboxes to restrict the themes and containers listed. Whilst reviewing the page I […]

Update and Replace Field Value with New Value

We can use SQL to replace the value in field with a new value. There’s no need to search for those rows affecting, downloading each in turn, making the amendment and finally making the update. For the update of the given field in the table we can use one SQL […]

DotNetNuke Admin Device Preview Management

On the Admin Device Preview Management page there are a number of pre-defined mobile devices, tablets and phones. Above the list of mobile devices there are: A combo box (to add a new name, or select an existing device) 3 text boxes to specify the browser size and agent details. […]