Test if Item Selected in ListBox

Testing to ensure that a ListBox has a selected item on submit. Here all is done using the built in asp.net functions. Alternatively, could use JavaScript or JQuery. Note that to do so would need to assign variables to the listbox element for the testing. 1. Field Validator Here’s the […]

Replacing Firefox-esr with Firefox

I’d like to install the regularly updated version of Firefox. A new installation of Debian was showing as using the stable long term supported Firefox ESR (extended support release) package. The task was to remove the package firefox-esr and install the package firefox, or its installation equivalent. To delete the […]

SQL add a Default to an Existing Table Column

When a previously created database table requires the addition of a default value. Can the amendment be made easily? And without recourse to the SQL Configuration Manager. I had configured a database table. Subsequent testing showed that one of the fields required a default value. I was testing for a […]

Apple Mail SSL Certificate Trust Warning

Mail server changes may result in an Apple Mail SSL certificate trust warning. Some email client programs, such as Thunderbird, gmail and kmail, give the ability to permanently accept the warning and continue as normal. However, Apple Mail does not permit this certificate trust warning to be ignored, or addressed […]

Setting a Custom 404 Page with htaccess

I bought a custom HTML website template with a 404.html page. How do I use it? If I enter a wrong website address I don’t see the 404 page my browser simply shows a generic message from the hosting control panel. The server needs to be configured to tell it […]

Speech-dispatcher Using Legacy Directory in /var/run

With an update of Debian packages there was a message related to the speech dispatcher. The older version of the program used the directory /var/run/speech-dispatcher, whilst this version 0.8.8-8 was looking to use the directory /run/speech-dispatcher Given below is the relevant lines from the apt upgrade, relating to speech-dispatcher. Setting […]

Apple Mac email add Local Subfolders

I like to store email locally, divided between personal and work email. Copying emails locally allows me to set my email to delete the older emails from the server. Keeping me below the restriction on the mailbox For work emails I use sub folders to divide up my administration and […]