DotNetNuke Admin Themes

The DotNetNuke admin themes page shows the skins and containers available for use by the website. The page is dividend into 4 sections: Theme editor Themes Containers Edit Theme Attributes Theme editor Use the dropdown lists and checkboxes to restrict the themes and containers listed. Whilst reviewing the page I […]

Update and Replace Field Value with New Value

We can use SQL to replace the value in field with a new value. There’s no need to search for those rows affecting, downloading each in turn, making the amendment and finally making the update. For the update of the given field in the table we can use one SQL […]

DotNetNuke Admin Device Preview Management

On the Admin Device Preview Management page there are a number of pre-defined mobile devices, tablets and phones. Above the list of mobile devices there are: A combo box (to add a new name, or select an existing device) 3 text boxes to specify the browser size and agent details. […]

DotNetNuke Admin Search Admin

The DotNetNuke Search Admin page is for the management of the internal search indexing, not for search engines such as Google, Baidu, and Bing. I have found that over time some entries within the search index are old, having lost their prior page content reference. The search admin page can […]

MailChimp Modify Line Spacing

On emails sent from MailChimp the line spacing and the gap between paragraphs may be too large. Can the spacing be easily configured? The line spacing, the height of each line of text, can be set within the template editing. However, the option to configure the spacing between paragraphs is […]

Create reCAPTCHA API Keys

reCAPTCHA can be used to help prevent spam and abuse from the completion of the forms on your website. If you, are registering a domain for your own use, or to provide the reCAPTCHA API keys details for your website developer this guide will be of interest. In this example […]

Add Custom CSS to DNN Website

If you wish to add some custom CSS to your DNN website the Stylesheet Editor within the Admin pages offers easy editing. Not wishing to edit your DNN skin but wanting to amend the rendering of your DNN website? Using the Stylesheet Editor allows for overriding of the website’s skin […]