DotNetNuke Admin Site Redirection Management

The site redirection management page can be used to configure both mobile and desktop style redirection.

On the page is shown a couple of radio buttons, to select the type of redirection to be created:

  • mobile redirection
  • redirection using advanced options

Select the type to be created and click on the create button.

A table of created redirections is shown below.

The redirection uses… to determine if the browser or device qualify for a redirection.

Mobile Redirection

The mobile redirection offers a name for the action, together with the original page and the redirected destination.

The original page can be either the whole site or a single page.

The destination page can be another page on the website or to a different URL, ie the mobile version of the website.

There is an entry option to enact the redirect for the whole site is available, however the resultant redirect only has a single destination available. It would not be possible to create a global redirection taking each page to its equivalent mobile page, for example:

  • aboutus.aspx >> m.aboutus.aspx
  • contactus.aspx >> m.contactus.aspx

Multiple entries can be used to achieve redirects for a number of pages and hence a whole website. Although this would be only practicable for small websites.

An entry which has been configured as mobile can be changed by changing the selection on the user device to advanced.

Redirection can be to a second portal on the same DotNetNuke installation. For the community version of DotNetNuke maintenance of site content is separated. Content to be available in the mobile site would need to be re-entered. In the professional version the content can be shared, making the maintenance of the mobile version more straightforward.

Advanced Options

Much of the Advanced Option is similar to the mobile version. There are the options for a redirection name and the original redirection from and to. The device type is set to the Advanced option.

The advanced redirection option also offers a number of capabilities of the device being used to view the website. These capabilities can be compared to a selected value to determine whether the redirection should be enacted upon. Options included are related to the screen size and orientation, and a number related to CSS.

Choosing a capability from the list changes the options shown in the matching values list.

A number of rules may be required to fully capture the different devices available.

Table of Redirects

The created redirections are shown in a table below the redirection creation options.

The order of the entries in the redirection table is important. The redirection process starts with the first, top entry, and proceeds down the table until a match is made.

To change the order of the entries in the redirection table use the cross at the left of an entry and drag the item to its new position in the table. Once the item has been released the redirection rules will be renumbered.

Two further icons at the left of the row are to delete an entry, confirmation is required, and to edit the entry.

Admin Advanced Pages

Further pages in the admin common settings section are given in the table below:

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