DotNetNuke Admin Lists

The Admin Lists page provides a simple management of lists. The lists allow a portal specific replacement for the core host lists.

To edit an existing list, click on its name. The addition of a new entry looks much like that for editing an existing entry (accessed by clicking the pencil in the row).

As an example of the two values consider the following details for the country United Kingdom

Entry text: United Kingdom
Entry value: GB

New lists can be added, defining them as either at the parent level, of by selecting their parent.

I found with a fresh DNN7 install that the profanity list was the only entry listed. However, when I added a new list it disappeared.

When adding a new list the dropdownlist Parent List shows a structured list of entries at the top level, and the child elements. Selecting an entry shows all items added to that parent.

Admin Advanced Pages

Further pages in the admin common settings section are given in the table below:

Advanced Configuration SettingsDevice Preview ManagementExtensionsGoogle Analytics
LanguagesListsNewslettersSearch Engine Site Map
Site LogSite Redirection ManagementSite wizardSkins