DotNetNuke Admin Vendors

The Admin Vendors configuration page is the backend associated with the banners module.

A new vendor comprises a company name, contact’s first and last name and their email address. Address and website details may be optional, defined by the checkboxes to the right of the entry boxes.

Once a vendor has been created a log can also be added. Other details are also available as described below:

Vendor Classification

A textbox allows one or more keywords to be added. The classification is not made available in the banners module.

A posting, dating from 2011, in the DotNetNuke bug tracker, confirmed that it was not implemented and would be marked as obsolete.

Banner Advertising

The banners added under the Banner Advertising section are shown using the banners module.

The banner type is selected from a dropdownlist. Note that the type doesn’t define the expected sizing of the banner image. It is used only as a grouping, one of which is selected under the banners module for display.

The banner group can also be used to further filter the banner shown.

Select the image to be used for the banner entry. Images can either be already on the sever, uploaded through the interface or one at a given location (URL). Ensure that the image chosen is of the correct width and height. these are entered in the textboxes below.

A textbox is given for the string of text to be used as the image title.

When the banner image is clicked on the visitor actions in the URL section are followed:

  • the visitor is taken to a given URL, perhaps an external website
  • shown a page on the website
  • shown a file

The cost associated with the banner advertising is given.

The run for the given banner can be defined by the number of impressions viewed and/or a date range. A criteria option defines whether either of these is to be met or both the impressions and the end date are to be qualified.

Affiliate Referrals

This section is concerned with visitors referred to the website.

A date range is given for the referrals entry.

There are two costs associated with visitor referrals:

  • Cost per click – for each visitor arriving from the affiliates website a given fee will be paid.
  • Cost per acquisition – for the further conversion of a referral to a user on the website a further fee is payable.

Admin Advanced Pages

Further pages in the admin common settings section are given in the table below:

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Site LogSite Redirection ManagementSite wizardSkins