DotNetNuke Admin Device Preview Management

On the Admin Device Preview Management page there are a number of pre-defined mobile devices, tablets and phones.

Above the list of mobile devices there are:

  • A combo box (to add a new name, or select an existing device)
  • 3 text boxes to specify the browser size and agent details.

Create and review the mobile device options.

The mobile devices which have been added are used in the mobile preview.

To view the mobile version of a page, click on edit page, in the top right corner, and from the drop down list select Mobile Preview. A pop-up will then show with the devices listed and their orientation details. Make your selection from the configured list.

Alternatively – rather than configure individual devices, why not configure the typical responsive device sizing and orientations?

Admin Advanced Pages

Further pages in the admin common settings section are given in the table below:

Advanced Configuration SettingsDevice Preview ManagementExtensionsGoogle Analytics
LanguagesListsNewslettersSearch Engine Site Map
Site LogSite Redirection ManagementSite wizardSkins