DotNetNuke Admin Newsletters

The DotNetNuke newsletters admin page is divided into two tabs, covering the message and settings relating to the sending of the message.


The message tab of the DotNetNuke admin newsletter page has entries related to the message itself, most of these can be related to the sending of an email using one of the many email client programs.

As would be expected there are fields for the subject, the recipient(s) the sender of the email and the body (content) of the email.

The recipients for the the newsletter email can be selected from a role or additional email addresses can be added.

When entering the from address, bear in mind that the mail server may be configured to reject emails from other than known addresses. It is better to keep the email address to the website domain.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings a concerned with the sending of the message.

The newsletters feature supports the sending of a single attachment.

The token replacement values are to be found on the settings page for the form and list module, under the list settings look for Available Tokens Help.

Asynchronous emails are sent in batched lots. This allows for a smaller quantity to pass through the mail server. Typically this approach makes the emails less likely to be marked as spam and to comply with email mailbox send levels. some hosting providers limit the number of outgoing email in a given period, for example 1000 per 12 hours.

Admin Advanced Pages

Further pages in the admin common settings section are given in the table below:

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