DotNetNuke Admin Skins

The DotNetNuke admin Skins page allows the skin and container to be defined for the website. There is also a section, skin Designer, which allows the settings for the tokens used within a skin or container file to be amended.

The admin skins page is divided into two sections, skin editor and skin designer.

Skin Editor

The skin and container sets to be used throughout the website by default, can be selected in the first section on this page.

The skins and containers available are listed in two dropdownlists. These can be populated from either the skins which have been uploaded by the host or which have been uploaded to this portal website. Two check boxes are given for host and site. Changing the selection in either of these causes the page to refresh and the two dropdownlists are re-populated.

Make your selection from the skins dropdownlist first. The containers list is taken from the skins choice and will be re-populated once the skin choice is changed.

The choices for skin and container populate a series of images for each.

Select whether any changes made will be applied to the site and/or the admin pages.

For each image there are buttons to preview the style and to apply the style to the website or admin pages, according to the checkboxes.

Skin Designer

The skin designer section allows the parameters associated with the tokens used in the skin or container to be amended.

The section comprises a number of linked drop down lists, with a textbox at the bottom to enter the parameter settings.

Begin with selecting an entry from either the skin or container dropdownlist.

From the files drop down list select the container or skin file to be edited. The name relates to the options for the given skin or container. These can be seen via the skin editor in the first section.

Tokens are used to relate to DotNetNuke components within the skin. for example there are tokens for the copyright message, the date and the privacy message. Select the token to be amended.

The parameters dropdownlist will refresh according to the token chosen. Tokens have different parameters available. Make your choice regards the parameter.

Enter the text to be used for the parameter in the Value textbox.

More parameters and tokens can be selected before finally, when you are finished, click on the update button below.

Admin Advanced Pages

Further pages in the admin common settings section are given in the table below:

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