Create Website Thumbnails from the Command line

Creating a new portfolio page for a website I was looking for a simple to use thumbnail creator.

The thumbnail creator should have the following criteria:

  •  minimum of steps, one would be ideal
  • easily repeatable
  • consistent output sizing

I wanted to avoid:

  • resizing the browser to specific dimensions for the next batch. Once closed reproducing the exact sizing from before is problematic
  • not reliant on an external reference, such as the old thumbnail service by Alexa, or the ShrinkTheWeb.

I knew that I could take a screenshot of the browser, either with one of the browser tools or a screen capture program. This could then be transferred to the Gimp for image editing and saving. Or maybe save the images and do a batch conversion with a tool such as XnConvert.

I wanted to keep the thumbnail creation both simple and easily reproducible.

Looking through my previous articles I one about taking screenshots from the command line using wkhtmltopdf.

neil@local:~$ wkhtmltoimage –width 1200 –height 1000

It was easy to put in the website address, an appropriate file name and click return. Done within a few seconds I had a thumbnail of a website capture and saved. Replace the website URLs to work my way through the list.

Create websites from command line:

I did find that pages employing flash had empty spaces. For example this one from Lily Oakes’ website, which incorporates content from YouTube.:

Create websites from command line:

Also one or two with sliders, which were taking longer to render, had missing content. These would be later visited using the slower more fiddly method with browser, screenshot and Gimp.