wkhtmltopdf Web Page Screen Capture

Looking for a method to take screen shots of websites I found the program wkhtmltopdf and the associated wkhtmltoimage.

Wkhtmlpdf can take a website page and save it as a pdf file.

I was interested to try out wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage.

These programs view a given web page and save it as a pdf and image respectively.

Or I could enter parameters to define the size of the image then possibly I could use wkhtmltopdf to create consistent images of web sites for use in a portfolio.

wkhtmltopdf has an image variant called wkhtmltoimage which is used to create images as opposed to pdfs. I used wkhtmltoimate in my experiments.

I began by installing the program. From a terminal I entered:

apt-get install wkhtmltopdf

Using the program can be as simple as specifying the URL of the website and the name of the saved image. For example to capture a snapshot of the VNTweb home page.

wkhtmltoimage https://www.vntweb.co.uk vntweb.png

Further parameters are available, including the width and height of the “browser” view, image quality and cropping.

A summary of these options is shown below:

neil@re123:~$ wkhtmltoimage --help
wkhtmltoimage 0.12.1

wkhtmltoimage [OPTIONS]... <input file> <output file>

Converts an HTML page into an image,

General Options:
--crop-h <int>                  Set height for cropping
--crop-w <int>                  Set width for cropping
--crop-x <int>                  Set x coordinate for cropping
--crop-y <int>                  Set y coordinate for cropping
-H, --extended-help                 Display more extensive help, detailing
less common command switches
-f, --format <format>               Output file format
--height <int>                  Set screen height (default is calculated
from page content) (default 0)
-h, --help                          Display help
--license                       Output license information and exit
--quality <int>                 Output image quality (between 0 and 100)
(default 94)
-q, --quiet                         Be less verbose
-V, --version                       Output version information and exit
--width <int>                   Set screen width, note that this is used
only as a guide line. Use
--disable-smart-width to make it strict.
(default 1024)

If you experience bugs or want to request new features please visit

I found that when adding width and height parameters these needed to be before the website URL and image filename.

wkhtmltoimage –width 1200 –height 1000 https://www.vntweb.co.uk vntweb.png

wkhtmltoimage --width 1200 --height 1000  https://www.vntweb.co.uk vntweb.png

Whilst this worked well creating an image of the web page, the resultant rendering was as per a phone or tablet. Also time delayed features such as a cookie warning pop-up were still presented.

The home page for the project is to be found at http://wkhtmltopdf.org/