Website Screenshots

I use website screenshots to explain details, show an example of previous work or highlight aspects of a web page.

Annotating a screenshot may help to convey information regards prospective work or actions and changes made.

Screenshots may also be used to record configuration and settings, for example email account setup.

Website screenshots may be taken either from within the browser using one of the extensions available or by capturing the whole browser view using a feature of the operating system.

The screen capture facility may capture the whole of the screen, active window, or offer the selection of a party area.

Dependant upon the device and operating system which you are using there is are number of options available.

Operating System

If you wish to take a screenshot of a programming window this allows the screen capture, either full screen, or one of the open windows.

Useful for capturing configuration details of email accounts and configuration. This can then be kept for prosperity, providing future reference.

Or the screenshot of the email configuration can be passed to/from your web hosting company when reviewing email account configuration and operation.

Apple and  Android allow screnshots to be taken directly with the use of keys.

Programming based

Programs are available which enable the capture of the screen’s content.

There is likely flexibility in the area which can be captured.

I use the program Spectacle which allows a time to be set before the capture is triggered. I can then navigate to a window and perform an action, for example hovering over a selection causing a drop down menu to appear. Two seconds later and the screenshot triggers capturing the window together with the mouse selection action.

Website Screenshots: Spectacle

Browser Based

If you wish to use the browser to capture the view of the page. Search the browser’s extensions for

  • Screengrab (FireFox)
  • Awesome Screenshot App (Google Chrome)
  • Nimbus Screenshot App (Google Chrome)
  • Marqueed Screenshots (Google Chrome)

I use Screengrab on Firefox.

A browser based Screengrab allows the the capture of the browser window, or a part thereof. But it is restricted to the browser and didn’t give access to the other programs opened.

A browser based screenshot program had the familiarity across different operating systems, for example if you are using Chrome on Windows and Mac.