Suite CRM Change Initial Quote Number

Using the quotes and invoices within Suite CRM I wished to set an initial number.

The base number was to be a minimum of 4 or 5 digits making the quote, or invoice, number more visible. There’s also the possibility to set the two numbers as a reflection of the year.

Subsequent numbers issued will be incrementally larger.

Searching the Internet I found references to editing the database table values using SQL.

Surely there’s a better way than this! Whilst not averse to such actions I’m aware that updates can potentially over write such amendments.

I also read about changes within the studio admin section, which covers the field types, text values and the like.

Here’s the Studio general view

Suite CRM change initial quote number: Admin Studio

with the more detailed numbers view

Suite CRM change initial quote number: Admin Studio numbers view

Unhappy with both of the above two options I looked for a better solution.

So how did I set the base value for the quote number?

Lets start from the dashboard and select the admin screen.

Suite CRM change initial quote number: select Admin

In the top right hand corner hover over the encircled person icon to show the drop down menu. Select Admin.

Suite CRM change initial quote number: Admin page

On the admin page scroll down to passed the Developer tools section, which includes Studio, which we observed earlier, to the Advanced OpenAdmin. Within this section click on AOS Settings.

Suite CRM change initial quote number: AOS settings

On this page set your base quote number value and if desired one for the invoices.

The number needs to be greater than the current maximum value in the database, as its the highest value from the table which is referenced for the next value.

Don’t forget to click on Save.