Get Table Foreign Key Details by SQL

How to view the foreign key settings within a database administered using MyLittleAdmin?

Looking to find information about foreign keys between tables, via the control panel for a website I was using MyLittleAdmin to manage the associated database.

I was able to view the keys associated with a particular table but unlike the SQL Management Studio this didn’t allow for key review.

I looked to using t-sql and found this

SELECT AS ForeignKey,
  OBJECT_NAME(fk.parent_object_id) AS FkTable,
  COL_NAME(fkc.parent_object_id, fkc.parent_column_id) AS FkColumn,
  OBJECT_NAME(fk.referenced_object_id) AS ReferencedTable,
  COL_NAME(fkc.referenced_object_id, fkc.referenced_column_id)
  AS ReferencedColumn,
  delete_referential_action_desc AS OnDelete,
  update_referential_action_desc AS OnUpdate
FROM sys.foreign_keys AS fk
INNER JOIN sys.foreign_key_columns AS fkc
ON fk.object_id = fkc.constraint_object_id
WHERE fk.parent_object_id = OBJECT_ID('OurStuff');

which is taken from

By changing the table reference I was able to get the list of keys and their settings.