Apple Mac email add Local Subfolders

I like to store email locally, divided between personal and work email.

Copying emails locally allows me to set my email to delete the older emails from the server. Keeping me below the restriction on the mailbox

For work emails I use sub folders to divide up my administration and the different projects.

Using Thunderbird, this is easy to implement: simply create additional sub-folders below the Local Folders.

The aim is to replicate this using the Apple Mac email program

Apple Mac Email add Subfolders: Side Menu

In the image below can be seen a part of the side menu for an Apple Mac email program.

Added to this is the smart menu for the domain VNTweb.

Apple Mac Email add Subfolders: add new Folder

Additional sub folders can be added below the smart mailbox.

To add a new folder, or Mailbox as Apple calls it, hover over the mailbox to show the circled plus icon. Click on this icon to show a dialogue allowing the location to be selected and a name given for this new mailbox.

For the new top level mailbox/sub folder I left the location alone and
entered the name “Projects“.

I then added two new sub folders/mailboxes below this. You may wish to select Projects as your location, of maybe like me drag the Customer 1 mailbox below Projects by dragging it into the Projects folder.

Now to test the use of this mailbox.

In your Inbox pick one of your existing emails. Drag it into the Customer 1 mailbox. Keep the command button down to copy rather than move.

I checked that the email was still available from another computer and email program.

I then deleted the email from the inbox. Unfortunately both emails were now gone.

I was able to drag an email into the new sub-folder mailbox. It would then disappear from the inbox. If I copied the email to the mailbox, deleting it from either mailbox also deleted it from the other.

I considered the use of a Mailbox as opposed to a smart mailbox

For this I clicked on the Mailbox menu entry, across the top menu. From the dropdown menu I selected New Mailbox.

Apple Mac Email add Subfolders: New mailbox

From the familiar New Mailbox dialogue I chose On My Mac as the location. Adding a Mailbox name of Projects.

Under the Smart Mailboxes I now had a new section.

Apple Mac Email add Subfolders: Smart Mailboxes - On My Macon-my-mac

I was able to crate new sub mailboxes as I had done previously.

Of particular interest I found that emails copied into these sub folders/mailboxes were more permanent. They didn’t disappear if I deleted them from the inbox

By adding a simple Mailbox to the On My Mac location, with appropriate sub Mailboxes I was able to copy emails into this directory structure. This allowed me to save and group emails related to projects, incorporating both sent and received emails. Emails copied in this way were immune to the deletion of the original in the inbox.

Don’t forget to send yourself some test emails so that you can confirm that this is working for you. Software development has a habit of making changes which alter our previous experiences.