Add Social Media Feeds to your WordPress Website with Feed Them Social Plugin

Feed them Social is a WordPress plugin which enables social media feeds to be displayed on your WordPress website.

Developed by SlickRemix the plugin supports feeds for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Feeds are added by selecting the social media option from the menu and creating a shortcode for addition to the website.

As would be expecting the layout for each of the social media options is similar with a dialogue for the fetching of the token at the top. Below there are the settings particular to the feed which is being configured.

Having accepted to provide SlickRemix access to your social media its possible at a later date to revoke this permission. the method of doing this is specific to each of the social media websites.

WordPress shortcodes can be included either within the body text of a post or page, or by incorporation within the theme’s php files.

Adding Social media links

Details on adding each of the supported social media sites.


From the left menu click on the Facebook Options link

At the top of the page click on the button “Login and get my Access Token.

This will take you to Facebook, I found an initial popup window stating that SlickRemix will receive your name and profile picture.

The next page is an option to allow SlickRemix to manage my pages. If you chose to disallow this then an access token won’t be generated.

Finally there’s a message that the access token is being received and back to the website.

Back on the website the page previously selected is shown together with its ID reference.

Click on this page reference to transfer the details into the PageId and Access token boxes above.

From the options below make your choices and click on the Save all button at the bottom.

Follow the link to the settings page to generate your shortcode.


The Instagram layout is similar to Facebook, described above.

Click on the button to proceed.

On the Instagram website a screen is shown which confirms that Feed Them Social by SlickRemix is requesting to do the following:

  • Access your basic information: your media & profile info
  • Access public content: media & profile info of public users

Buttons are present below to either cancel or Authorise. Click on Authorise.

Note below the box there is confirmation that the apps access can be revoked at any time by clicking on revoke in the access section.

Back at the WordPress website the Instagram ID and Access token Required fields are now populated.

Make your choices from the Follow Button Options and click on Save all Changes.

Visit the Settings Page to collect your shortcode for use.

Incorporation the Shortcode

Shortcodes are used to render the feed. Its a way to tell WordPress what plugin code to incorporate, together with a number of options.

Generating Shortcode

The shortcode for each of the feeds, which have had a reference generated, is made on the settings page.

At the top of this page there is a dropdown list of the different supported feeds. Select the one which you wish to generate the shortcode for from the list.

The displayed content changes to reflect the options available.

Note if you haven’t configured the selected feed yet a link is included to its options page.

Work your way through the options and click on the button Generate shortcode at the bottom.

Using the Shortcode

Shortcodes can simply be pasted within the body text of pages and posts.

You may find having a private test page is a good way to experiment with your feed settings.

Once you are happy with the options then add the feed into the page, widget or use it within the php code used for your theme.