Windows 10 Manually Checking for Windows Updates

Looking to update Windows 10 manually where can I find the Windows Update page?

Windows 10 Windows update: select settings

From the Windows home screen click on the Windows icon in the bottom left hand corner and then the Settings icon a little above.

Windows 10 Windows update: Windows settings

This view shows the main Windows Settings page. The section of interest is Update & Security, at the bottom. Click on it.

Windows 10 Windows update: Settings Windows update

On the left is a menu of options, including our item of interest, Windows Update, listed at the top. If Windows Update isn’t showing select it from this menu.

Highlighted with a grey background is the manual trigger for the Windows Updates. Click on this to begin a manual check of available updates.

Windows 10 Windows update: check for updates

The page changes to show the update status. Initially a check is made for available updates.