Install IIS on Windows 10

For testing and development it’s convenient to install IIS on a Windows computer. In this case Windows 10.

IIS is installed through the Windows features control panel.

To access the Windows features, begin by opening the control panel by right clicking on the Windows logo. From the control panel home select the Programs and then Turn Windows features on and off.

Or if you prefer type the name of the control panel appwiz.cpl into the search box and press enter.

This will open the first stage, the Programs and features control panel.

Windows 10 install IIS programs and features

Click on Turn Windows features on or off in the left hand menu column. This will open a popup showing the list of features available.

Windows 10 install IIS Windows features

From the list select entries pertaining to IIS.

Windows 10 install IIS Windows features IIS options

You may wish to select the outer element allowing it to populate a typical set of options.

Once done click on OK at the bottom

Windows 10 install IIS Windows features applying changes

The new additions will be added.

Windows 10 install IIS Windows features changes completed

Until all is installed.

Checkout your installation of IIS by navigating to http://localhost.

Windows10 install IIS localhost confirmation