Create reCAPTCHA API Keys

reCAPTCHA can be used to help prevent spam and abuse from the completion of the forms on your website.

If you, are registering a domain for your own use, or to provide the reCAPTCHA API keys details for your website developer this guide will be of interest.

In this example a new website will be registered with the checkbox style of reCAPTCHA.

Create reCAPTCHA API keys example checkbox type

To make use of the service, provided by Google, reference keys are created which are incorporated within the form code on the website.

Websites are registered with the reCAPTURA service using your Google account.

Its possible to register any website domain, but the details can only be used if you have access to the site’s files or form configuration through its website form administration.

A website designer is therefore able to administer the API keys on behalf of their clients.

Navigate to Google’s reCaptcha administration website. At the top right corner click on My reCAPTCHA.

Create reCAPTCHA API keys website

Once logged into the website you will see the API key management page

Create reCAPTCHA API keys site administration

On this page are listed the websites for which you have already configured reCAPTCHA API keys. You can click on these entries to manage the entry.

Below this is the beginning of the form for registering a new site.

Create reCAPTCHA API keys register new site

On the Register a new site form enter a name to distinguish the site.

In this example we are going to use the checkbox style. Select this from the options.

In the box Domains, add the address of your website. For illustration I’ve used

Click on the checkbox for Accepting the reCAPTCHA terms. You may wish to read through the terms, just to be sure that you are happy.

Click on the blue button to Register your website.

Create reCAPTCHA API keys registering new checkbox type site

The next page shows some a summary view of the use of the reCAPTCHA on your website. Scroll down to view the details for adding the newly created reCAPTCHA keys to your website.

Create reCAPTCHA API keys adding reCAPTCHA to your site

The details on this page can be used to integrate a reCAPTCHA feature on your website, to help protect your site against spam for submission.

If you have been instructed to create the entry by your website developer the details on this page will be what they have asked for.

Of interest for your website developer will be the information given for either client side integration or sever side integration.

Client Side integration – provide the details in green, in the two grey boxes.

Server side integration – provide the value from the table for secret and response.

At the top left is a back arrow which will return you to your list of websites.

On the administration page you can click on one of the listed sites to return to this page to view the summary of settings.

To recreate the keys for a website will entail deleting its entry and starting afresh.

There’s a delete key button, in grey, top right above the Key settings table at the bottom of the page.

Create reCAPTCHA API keys key settings

On  this form the security settings for the site can be amended.

You will most likely find the default settings sufficient and can leave this section of the configuration alone.

A guide to creating reCAPTCHA API keys for either client side integration or server side integration of a reCAPTCHA validation for use with forms on your website.