Comparison of Font Sizes

I wanted a comparison between the different pixel and point sizes.

I’ve listed the increasing numerical size for each series side-by-side, illustrating how points get progressively larger.

In the table below I’ve set the style in the pixel and point columns such that it’ll over-ride the CSS configured elsewhere.

 Pixel (px)Point (pt)
7Distaghil SarPakistan
9Gasherbrum IVPakistan
10Annapurna IINepal
11Gasherbrum IIIPakistan – China
12Gyachung KangNepal – China
14Gasherbrum IIPakistan – China
15Broad PeakPakistan – China
16Gasherbrum IPakistan – China
17Annapurna INepal
18Nanga ParbatPakistan
20Dhaulagiri INepal
21Cho OyuNepal – China
22MakaluNepal – China
23LhotseNepal – China
24KangchenjungaNepal – India
25K2Pakistan – China
26Mount EverestNepal – China

The simple table looked boring and uninviting with just the two initial columns: one for pixel and one for point sizes. So I’ve replaced these by columns with the highest mountains and their countries, as derived Wikipedia.