Changing Browser Window Location

JavaScript can be used to change the current browser window location, using window.location.href.

Using JavaScript we are able to change the URL referenced in our browser. This may be used for creating onclick actions for images, form buttons, or perhaps as a redirect on a page which is no longer in use.

Using JavaScript the location for the current browser is set using

window.location.href = url(‘newpagelocation.html’)

As an example, within the head of the html page add

<script type="text/javascript">
function redirect() {
  window.location = ''

and in the body of the page add

<form id="Form1">
  <input onclick="redirect()" type="button" value="Next" ID="Button1" NAME="Button1">

If the aim is to reload the current page, then there is a simpler specific method.


A full reference will be required to the new URL otherwise the page will be taken to be relative to the current domain.

Redirecting the browser using JavaScript may be blocked by in-browser security add-ons. There’s a Google web page listing redirection methods and HTML5 security.