WordPress Missing Text Underline in Editor

I can’t find an underline option in the WordPress editor.

How to underline text?

I’ve used the WordPress plugin TinyMCE Advanced before to allow a client to set the font size.

I added it to the website, this time to be able to select words in the post to be underlined.

WordPress missing text underline

The TinyMCE Advanced plugin adds an additional line of editing options to the editor, above the existing set of icons.

Highlight the words to be underlined. From the new editing options click on Format and select underline.

Looking at the drop down menu of options I was reminded of the <CTRL> key combination for underlining: <CTRL> + u.

I disabled the plugin and tried underlining some text within the editor using <CRTL> + u. As expected it worked!

If you are missing the underline icon within the WordPress editor you can still underline text using a key combination or by adding a plugin.