Changing Login Text Username or Email Address

Having disabled email addresses for WordPress login I wanted to change the text, which was shown. On the login dialogue it was showing Username or Email Address above the first textbox. The mention of Email Address was now wrong and misleading. To do this I added the following to the […]

PHP Fatal error: include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’

A fresh install and an installation of WordPress via the Debian apt package management gave the error PHP Fatal error: include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’ On a development computer I chose to install WordPress via the package manager as opposed to creating Apache site directories. With MySQL and Apache installed WordPress is added by […]

Hide Admin Messages from Subscribers

Do you want all your WordPress logged in users to see your system messages? Messages declaring pending plugin updates, a WordPress core update, or a notification from a plugin, all visible to any logged in user. Lets keep the info given to registered users of your website to a minimum. […]

Reset WordPress Metabox Positions

Viewing a WordPress page, post or custom entry Having moved the sections around how do I reset. The idea is how to restore the edit view of Whilst developing a recent plugin I had moved the meta box sections around. But, of course, I wanted to see the default. As […]

WordPress Redirect to https

Your WordPress website was running as a traditional unsecured site. Now to meet the search engine guidelines you have added a certificate and encrypted the website. But the old unencrypted website address is still accessible. This isn’t good for SEO with effectively two websites with the same content. How to […]

Disable Login Using Email Address

WordPress allows login by either username or email address. But, email addresses are more likely to be common knowledge. Or perhaps easier to guess. We tend to keep our email addresses to set patterns. Its all very well having a fancy obscure username but if the email address associated with […]