WooCommerce Change Words “Related Products”

By default WooCommerce uses the words “related product”, when showing the related products below a single product view. I wished to change these words, supplementing the preferred text of my client. Rather than editing the plugin directly which may subsequently be over-ridden on an update, I was looking to make […]

Adding a New Product to a WooCommerce shop/catalogue

1. Introduction WooCommerce is a highly customisable shop/cataloguing plug-in.  Details on usage are provided directly via the following references WooCommerce – managing documents WooCommerce – variable product WooCommerce – upsells and cross-sells WooCommerce – linking a project to a product The text below is an overview which may be helpful, […]

Hide WooCommerce Category Page Title

A WordPress website with the popular WooCommerce plugin shows a page title, automatically generated according to the category page being viewed. For a WordPress website I was looking to remove the page title from view. Hide the Category page title using CSS or programmatically with WooCommerce filters? Often, the simple […]