Add Browser Redirection to ASP.NET File

Perhaps a page was created with a spelling error, or a reorganisation of the website means that a particular page has been renamed. We wish to redirect our visitors to the page to a different address. In the example below its assumed that the website page has moved to […]

Add New Admin User in Windows 2012 Server

Adding a new admin user will be divided into two actions: first the creation of the new user and then secondly the assignment of the user to the admin group. Connect to the Windows 1012 Server with Remote Desktop click on little down arrow at the top bar Select start […]

Add IIS URL Rewrite

By default IIS is missing the URL rewrite. Looking at a fresh install of IIS admin view, the icon which should be found within the section, IIS, is missing. Having gone through the sequence to add as detailed in the article Adding ASP.NET Features to IIS7.5, I expected to […]

Adding ASP.NET Features to IIS7.5

By default Windows 7 IIS is missing the features, shown above the IIS section in the control panel The control panel is shown below with only the IIS options and Management options. To add the features. Begin by opening the control panel and selecting from the Programs section […]

web.config Redirect non-www to www

That often looked for website redirect from the non-www version of the website URL, address, to the www version. In this case the redirect is for a Windows hosted website, using the web.config file to set the redirect rules. I wish to avoid adding the redirect within the website coding. […]

IIS Adding Support for Font Families

By default IIS doesn’t support all of the font family types used in CSS. Additional media support entries may be required. Below is a typical font family definition, as used within a CSS file. @font-face {font-family: ‘my-font’;src: url(inc/fonts/my-font.otf) format(‘truetype’), url(inc/fonts/my-font.eot) format(‘eot’), url(inc/fonts/my-font.woff) format(‘woff’);} Whilst configuring a website hosted on Windows […]

Windows RDP Change User Password

In a remote desktop session (RDP) accessing the account password settings with <CTRL> + <ALT + <DELETE> is not available. An alternative method is required. On a Windows computer pressing <CTRL> + <ALT> + <DELETE> provides access to profile settings such as the user password. From within remote desktop the […]

HTTP Error 503. The Service is Unavailable

Re-activating an old website on IIS the browser showed HTTP Error 503. More fully the error given within the browser was: HTTP Error 503. The Service is Unavailable The website was a development site which had been stopped and was now to be re-activated. Reviewing the IIS settings for the […]

IIS8 add Server Certificates Icon

By default the Server Certificates icon, along with many more, is missing. The missing icons are added through the Add Roles and Features Wizard. As a part of installing a certificate on IIS 7 there is the requirement to double click on the Server Certificates icon within the central pane […]