Windows 10 Manually Checking for Windows Updates

Looking to update Windows 10 manually where can I find the Windows Update page? From the Windows home screen click on the Windows icon in the bottom left hand corner and then the Settings icon a little above. This view shows the main Windows Settings page. The section of interest […]

Where’s the Windows 10 Control Panel?

Accessing the Control Panel in Windows 10 is one of those of course how obvious moments. I found that the main control panel home page in Windows 10 was access by simply right clicking on the Windows logo at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Right click on […]

Taking Screenshots on Windows 10

Taking a screenshot of the display on a computer can be a great way to convey the configuration settings or an error message. Preparing the article Install IIS on Windows 10 I was interested in taking screenshots of my progress through the various screens. I looked at using the pnt […]

Install IIS on Windows 10

For testing and development it’s convenient to install IIS on a Windows computer. In this case Windows 10. IIS is installed through the Windows features control panel. To access the Windows features, begin by opening the control panel by right clicking on the Windows logo. From the control panel home […]