Determine Subroutine Click Event Trigger

Using one sub-routine to handle more than one link button click event requires determination of which button click triggered the sub-routine. I had an existing subroutine handling a link button. Examining the entries in a form, updating a database and sending an email. A second button was required on the […]

Converting to and from ASCII with

The ASCII table is a representation of the Roman characters as numeric values. Given an ASCII value we may wish to convert it to its corresponding character, or indeed back the other way from character to ASCII value. To convert an integer variable of ASCII value, myASCII, to a string […]

Convert Textbox String to Double

The task is to take user entered textbox content, converting it to a field of type double. As a part of a form I had a numeric entry field. The string value entered in this textbox to be converted to type double for saving in a database. The public view […]

LinkButton Handles OnClick Equivelent in C#

To handle a Linkbutton onclick in VB.NET the LinkButton is declared and a handler sub declared: <asp:linkbutton id=”cmdAdd” runat=”server” ResourceKey=”Add” BorderStyle=”none” CausesValidation=”true” /> Private Sub cmdAdd_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdAdd.Click ::: ::: End Sub C# doesn’t support the handles on click, the function is […]

Add an Edit Button to a DataGrid

The DataGrid configuration includes an editColumn, allowing inline editing of the row. An edit button can be added to a DataGrid using the editColumn feature. With the addition of the edit column, links are added to handle the usual actions of edit, update and delete. Associated with the editColumn components […]

Adding Tooltips to Datagrid Rows

Adding a tooltip to a DataGrid row can provide additional information about the entry. The space available within the pop-up is likely larger than that within the row cell. The tooltip allows for a minimal presentation on the DataGrid rows, ensuring that the information presented is succinct and easy to […]

Adding Auto Change to a DropDownList

Adding an onchange to a drop down list enables other fields on the page to be updated dependant upon the selection. I have used the auto post back on a drop down list to: create a cascading drop down list. The selection of the parent item governs the entries in […]

Linking to a Different Local Resource File

DotNetNuke allows the resource file to be defined as an alternative to taking the default file. Creating a DNN module the resource files are a great way of making the text for field labels and content intros and instructions available. With the use of a resource file I can create […]