Add IIS URL Rewrite

By default IIS is missing the URL rewrite. Looking at a fresh install of IIS admin view, the icon which should be found within the section, IIS, is missing. Having gone through the sequence to add as detailed in the article Adding ASP.NET Features to IIS7.5, I expected to […]

Adding ASP.NET Features to IIS7.5

By default Windows 7 IIS is missing the features, shown above the IIS section in the control panel The control panel is shown below with only the IIS options and Management options. To add the features. Begin by opening the control panel and selecting from the Programs section […]

Install IIS on Windows 10

For testing and development it’s convenient to install IIS on a Windows computer. In this case Windows 10. IIS is installed through the Windows features control panel. To access the Windows features, begin by opening the control panel by right clicking on the Windows logo. From the control panel home […]

IIS Adding Support for Font Families

By default IIS doesn’t support all of the font family types used in CSS. Additional media support entries may be required. Below is a typical font family definition, as used within a CSS file. @font-face {font-family: ‘my-font’;src: url(inc/fonts/my-font.otf) format(‘truetype’), url(inc/fonts/my-font.eot) format(‘eot’), url(inc/fonts/my-font.woff) format(‘woff’);} Whilst configuring a website hosted on Windows […]

HTTP Error 503. The Service is Unavailable

Re-activating an old website on IIS the browser showed HTTP Error 503. More fully the error given within the browser was: HTTP Error 503. The Service is Unavailable The website was a development site which had been stopped and was now to be re-activated. Reviewing the IIS settings for the […]

Installing Webdav on IIS6

WebDAV isn’t installed In IIS6 by default, when the IIS components are added under Windows Server 2003. WebDAV is added separately from the Windows Components Wizard. When Windows Server 2003 is promoted to the role of Application Server, various IIS 6 components are installed but WebDAV isn’t one of those […]

IIS6 Enable Streaming of F4V Videos

Windows 2003 server with IIS6 doesn’t stream f4v files by default. The MIME type needs to be added. f4v files are flash-based videos, paired with a flash swf file. To enable IIS to stream the f4v video file it is necessary to tell IIS how to handle the MIME type. […]