Differences Between Form Methods Post and Get

HTML forms may post or get their submission. The method attribute, either post or get, prescribes to the browser how the form data is to be sent back to the server. For reference here’s a typical form declaration, on an HTML page <form action=”contact.php” method=”get”> As shown there is the […]

Comparison of Font Sizes

I wanted a comparison between the different pixel and point sizes. I’ve listed the increasing numerical size for each series side-by-side, illustrating how points get progressively larger. In the table below I’ve set the style in the pixel and point columns such that it’ll over-ride the CSS configured elsewhere.   […]

HTML Frames

Here’s some old thoughts about the use of frames in HTML I found some notes about HTML frames written some time ago. Once upon a time long ago… frames were used regularly on websites. Using frames we are able to divide web page into two or more areas. This can […]

Adapting Menu for Touch

Before the proliferation of touch devices website menus were controlled with mouse hovers and clicks. To view the child items associated with a particular menu item, simply hover over the item to pop up the child menu with the list of child items. If you wanted to view the parent […]

Creating Content Border with Images

Website content blocks, often called modules, or widgets, can be surrounded by borders to make them stand out. Perhaps notepad paper or an old parchment. Different surrounds and backgrounds can be used to make the content pleasing to the eye and to add distinction. The styling enables the content to be […]

Bootstrap3 Removing Parent Menu onClick

Using the Bootstrap menu clicking on a parent menu item reveals the child items. The parent page isn’t opened in the traditional menu way. This is by design. In summary, clicking on the parent menu item shows child menu items as drop down Hovering over the parent page has no […]

Change Colour of Text Underline

Looking to set the underline colour of text to be a different colour to the text. The default colouring will set the underline colour to be the same as the text, as illustrated below: Example text with an underlined word. We can use CSS for setting the colour using the […]

Which is Correct <b> or <strong> ?

Using the WordPress editor. When I bold a piece of text the HTML added to wrap it is <strong> … </strong> When I use the WordPress Android app the HTML used is <b> … </b> Which is correct to use <strong> or <b>? Does it matter which I use? And […]

HTML Phrase Tags

Many of the HTML tags are there to provide structure. The purpose is to create the columns and rows of content. The HTML phrase tags provide enhancement to the content, affecting the rendering. For a paragraph of text emphasis can be given to particular words, by the use of phrase […]