DotNetNuke Admin Themes

The DotNetNuke admin themes page shows the skins and containers available for use by the website. The page is dividend into 4 sections: Theme editor Themes Containers Edit Theme Attributes Theme editor Use the dropdown lists and checkboxes to restrict the themes and containers listed. Whilst reviewing the page I […]

DotNetNuke Admin Search Admin

The DotNetNuke Search Admin page is for the management of the internal search indexing, not for search engines such as Google, Baidu, and Bing. I have found that over time some entries within the search index are old, having lost their prior page content reference. The search admin page can […]

Empty the DNN Site Log

An excessively large SiteLog table is likely to have an impact on the performance of your website. Do you know how many entries there are and whether the older ones are being cleaned out? I have found that the DNN Site log table can be prone to growing, unrestricted. This […]

DNN Browser Compatibility

Older versions of DotNetNuke supported the configuration of the browser compatibility of a website through the file /js/ClientAPICaps.config The operation of the default DotNetNuke SolPart menu with regard to different browsers is governed by this file. The file is divided into a number of sections, for example: <functionality nm=”DHTML” desc=”Dynamic […]

The Remote Certificate is Invalid

Configuring the SMTP settings on a DotNetNuke website gave the error, remote certificate is invalid, from the mail server: There has been an error trying to send the test email. The error is: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure I often find that errors on a DotNetNuke […]

Error Object Reference Not Set

Recently I have been suffering from the following error, associated with the DotNetNuke text editor: A critical error has occurred.Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I found that the error was apparent after uploading a new dll file to the bin directory or if the cache […]

DotNetNuke Text_HTML Standard Module

For most DotNetNuke web sites this is probably the most used module. The Text/HTML module provides us with a WYSIWYG editor for entering and amending content. Content may be either plain text, or can include images. This text is held within just such a module. The module permits us to do […]