Open IceDove Email Link in IceWeasel

Links in IceDove email messages weren’t opening in IceWeasel.

How to configure IceDove link options?

I found reports on the Internet that the file ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/default/<profile>/prefs.js should be edited as follows:


I considered IceWeasel’s configuration, available through the about:config

To make mailto links in firefox (iceweasel) open thunderbird (idedove) automatically, type about:config in the address bar and edit (or insert if it doesn’t exist) the following key and value => icedove

There’s a pop-up window to confirm that you know what you are doing:

Changing these advanced settings can be harmful to the stability, security and performance of the application. You should only continue of you are sure of what you are doing.

I'll be careful,  I promise!

I scrolled down the list and changed the entry to IceWeasel.

This didn’t work!

I used the popup dialogue when clicked on the link

  1. From the pop-up menu, select “New”.
  2. From the next pop-up menu, select “String”.
  3. In the pop-up dialog box “Enter preference name”, enter
  4. In the pop-up dialog box “” enter /usr/bin/iceweasel

Subsequent to following the dialogue I tried returning to the preferences and the config editor.

I was only able to find the one entry for IceWeasel in my search. Closing and restarting IceDove

The settings achieved through the linked dialogue proved to be used in place of any settings selected within the preferences.