DotNetNuke Admin Themes

The DotNetNuke admin themes page shows the skins and containers available for use by the website.

The page is dividend into 4 sections:

  • Theme editor
  • Themes
  • Containers
  • Edit Theme Attributes

Theme editor

Use the dropdown lists and checkboxes to restrict the themes and containers listed.

Whilst reviewing the page I found that older themes were showing the message: This is a Legacy Theme. Although the entries are still apearing in the lists.


The themes available for use on the website are shown, with an image preview. For each there’s the option to preview what the site will look like with the chosen the theme. And alongside a button to apply the chosen theme.

Below the container list are two buttons to Parse Theme Package and Restore Default Theme.

Take care choosing to parse the theme package. Its looking at the original configuration. The results may be helpful if things aren’t working but can revert changes.


Like the themes, the available containers are shown as images, with buttons for preview and apply.

Edit Theme Attributes

I’ve never used the attributes editing option, preferring to edit the relevant files directly. However, its does present a convenient way to make changes to the appropriate components of a theme or container.

For example if the breadcrumb is in use then the separator can be easily changed simply by selecting the file, the Breadcrumb token the separator setting and adding a new value. An example might be changing from the pipe symbol “|” to a greater than sign “>”.