Create ISO Disk Image From Files

From a set of files on a computer I wanted to create an ISO disk image.

The ISO image, which I had, required some changes to a configuration file before could make user of it.

Having downloaded an ISO disk image, I wished to extract the files, edit one of the configuration files and to then save the set of files once more as an ISO disk image.

Extracting ISO Image

To extract the ISO image to a set of files I used Ark. Ark is able to manage a number of archive formats, including CD-ROM images.

I converted the downloaded ISO DVD image to a set of files, by right clicking on the image and selecting to extract.

After editing the option files, which needed changing, of the DVD installation I recreated the DVD.

Create DVD Iso-Image from Files

I chose to use genisoimage to create the ISO disk image from the edited files.

To create an ISO image from files within a directory is just as simple.

State an output directory and name of the ISO to create, along with a source directory. For example:old command was to use mkisofs

genisoimage -o /home/neil/example.iso /home/directory/

Save DVD as Files

Whilst investigating the option to extract the ISO image and to subsequently recreate it I found commentary regards extracting the files from a physical DVD/CD-ROM.

The command dd can be used for this.

Open a terminal window and type the following at the command line.

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/directory/example.iso

The above command has the following arguments:

  • dd is the program used to convert and copy a file
  • if defines the name and location of the input file
  • of defines the name and location of the output file


genisoimage Debian package reference

genisoimage Debian man page

dd command line utility.