How to Disable KWallet Popups when Starting Programs

Opening some programs in KDE also causes the KDE wallet popup window to appear.

Indeed when I close Vivaldi browser it opens once more.

I have found that the programs which open the KDE wallet dialogue are: Vivaldi browser; Google Chrome browser; and Choqok micro blogger.

I wanted to find the method to prevent the opening of the KDE wallet popup dialogue window. I began by searching on the internet for ideas. However, I finally found the answer in the system settings.

Disable KDE Wallet Popups

Having clicked to open the programs the KDE wallet dialogue window opens.

The kwalletrc file

I found reference to the kwalletrc file.

The dialogue being controlled in the file


Edits may be done either from the command line or by using an editor such as Kate.

Open the Dolphin file browser. This is in a hidden directory. To show it hold down the <alt> key and press the full stop. You can now navigate to the directory .kde/share/config.

Once there open the file kwalletrc for editing.

I chose to edit the file from the command line.

Sample contents of the file:


Close When Idle=false
Close on Screensaver=false
Default Wallet=kdewallet
First Use=false
Idle Timeout=10
Launch Manager=false
Leave Manager Open=false
Leave Open=false
Prompt on Open=false
Use One Wallet=true

To the above add a [Auto Deny] section with the programs which you wish to disable the use of KDEWallet. For example:

[Auto Deny]

The service will need restarting for the configuration file to be re-read. Its easier to do this from the command line.

To find the KDE wallet process(s):

ps -A | grep wall
3683 ?        00:00:00 kwalletd5
10228 ?        00:00:01 kwalletd5

Therefore to restart the service use:
killall -9 kwalletd5

Alternatively logging out and back in again will ensure that the service is restarted.

But, I found that this hadn’t corrected my issue.

I decided to look to see if there was another configuration file. I found


which had the following content:


First Use=false

I added the lines previously added, giving:


First Use=false

[Auto Deny]

I restarted the kwallet service as previously

I had still failed to stop the popups.

System Settings

Really simple, I found reference to KDE wallet in system settings.

Open system settings, account settings and then disable the KDE wallet system.

Disable KDE wallet popups KDE wallet configuration

In the image above see checkbox – Enable the KDE wallet subsystem

I unticked the checkbox and this popup was shown

Disable KDE wallet popups allow saving wallet configuration settings

I entered my user password, NOT root.

I tried opening the programs again (Vivaldi and Chrome), with the same kwallet pop-up on opening and closing.

Left for further consideration. And did consider that maybe all will be resolved following  either a restart of logout/login.

When I next started the computer and tried opening these browsers no kwallet.

The opening of the kwalletrc dialogue box when opening some programs had been resolved.