MSSQL Table Search and Replace

Consider a database table of posts or pages. The website address has changed, perhaps from the development URL to the live website Or maybe the website’s URL is to change from to The tables are to be updated, ideally searching and replacing the old value with a new […]

Where’s the Windows 10 Control Panel?

Accessing the Control Panel in Windows 10 is one of those of course how obvious moments. I found that the main control panel home page in Windows 10 was access by simply right clicking on the Windows logo at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Right click on […]

WooCommerce Configure Order Only no Payment

I wished to configure a WordPress e-commerce website using the popular WooCommerce plugin to take orders only, without taking payment. I have previously used WooCommerce for product brochure management, hiding the prices to remove the shopping basket. WooCommerce was to be used as a product brochure with an order created […]

Taking Screenshots on Windows 10

Taking a screenshot of the display on a computer can be a great way to convey the configuration settings or an error message. Preparing the article Install IIS on Windows 10 I was interested in taking screenshots of my progress through the various screens. I looked at using the pnt […]

Where does UpdraftPlus save its Backups?

Where does UpdraftPlus save the backup files, if none of the multitude of cloud storage offerings is used? Not wishing to use an external storage location, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. I configured UpdraftPlus to save the file locally, within the website space. The question is “Where […]

Remove the Dotted Line Around a Clicked Link

When I click on a link a dotted line appears around it. As an example, the image below is taken from some recent development work. It shows a menu in white on a dark background. Here I have clicked on the link to the contact us page. The white, dotted […]

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