jQuery Scroll to Page Top

For a long web page it can be nice for your visitor to click on an icon and for the page to scroll back to the top. None of that frantic skipping of the fingers on a small phone screen! For a web page with lots of content, it may […]

Disable Login Using Email Address

WordPress allows login by either username or email address. But, email addresses are more likely to be common knowledge. Or perhaps easier to guess. We tend to keep our email addresses to set patterns. Its all very well having a fancy obscure username but if the email address associated with […]

Deleting the WordPress Uncategorized Category

So you have numerous blog posts, on your WordPress website, which are assigned to the uncategorized category. Maybe you have recently imported lots of posts or perhaps found that you forgot to set the category when creating the posts. For myself I was transitioning a website and had forgotten to […]

Which is Correct <b> or <strong> ?

Using the WordPress editor. When I bold a piece of text the HTML added to wrap it is <strong> … </strong> When I use the WordPress Android app the HTML used is <b> … </b> Which is correct to use <strong> or <b>? Does it matter which I use? And […]

HTML Phrase Tags

Many of the HTML tags are there to provide structure. The purpose is to create the columns and rows of content. The HTML phrase tags provide enhancement to the content, affecting the rendering. For a paragraph of text emphasis can be given to particular words, by the use of phrase […]

Turn off Identity Whilst Inserting SQL Table Row

Inserting table rows including the index idents will give an error similar to: Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table TableName when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF. I was copying the contents of a database table from one installation of DotNetNuke to another. Wishing to maintain the table […]