Website Screenshots

I use website screenshots to explain details, show an example of previous work or highlight aspects of a web page. Annotating a screenshot may help to convey information regards prospective work or actions and changes made. Screenshots may also be used to record configuration and settings, for example email account […]

Bootstrap3 One and a Half Offset

With 3 1/3 width columns, col-md-3, to be centred within a bootstrap3 col-md-12 I was looking at adding an offset at the left something similar to col-md-offset-1. Centring 3 Bootstrap3 col-md-3 divs within a row requires an offset which is 1.5 times a single column width. ie. two of these […]

Converting to and from ASCII with

The ASCII table is a representation of the Roman characters as numeric values. Given an ASCII value we may wish to convert it to its corresponding character, or indeed back the other way from character to ASCII value. To convert an integer variable of ASCII value, myASCII, to a string […]

Adding ClearFix Clear Float after div

I was interested in clearing floats and adding clearfix after a section of content. Working on a website theme I was integrating the output from a plugin. The plugin had a wrapper div with a series of entries each in a div. Shown below is the wrapper div with the […]

Change the Horizontal Line Colour in WordPress

On a WordPress website I added a horizontal line to divide two sections of content. Within the WordPress editor I had added a horizontal line to space some text. Providing a divider between two sections of text on the web page. To add the line I had used the HTML […]

What is Domain Privacy?

Many website hosting companies offer Domain Privacy as an option – but what does it mean? And is it worth paying for? If I do a query on the domain I get the following result /home/neil# whois Domain name: Registrant: British Broadcasting Corporation Registrant type: UK Corporation […]

Convert Textbox String to Double

The task is to take user entered textbox content, converting it to a field of type double. As a part of a form I had a numeric entry field. The string value entered in this textbox to be converted to type double for saving in a database. The public view […]

Linking to Another Website

Sooner or later you will want to create a link to another website. Perhaps an event, trade association or a customer’s website. It’s easy to forget that links can also be internal within your own website. Written a blog article a few months ago and now writing an associated article? […]