HTML Phrase Tags

Many of the HTML tags are there to provide structure. The purpose is to create the columns and rows of content. The HTML phrase tags provide enhancement to the content, affecting the rendering. For a paragraph of text emphasis can be given to particular words, by the use of phrase […]

Turn off Identity Whilst Inserting SQL Table Row

Inserting table rows including the index idents will give an error similar to: Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table TableName when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF. I was copying the contents of a database table from one installation of DotNetNuke to another. Wishing to maintain the table […]

The Remote Certificate is Invalid

Configuring the SMTP settings on a DotNetNuke website gave the error, remote certificate is invalid, from the mail server: There has been an error trying to send the test email. The error is: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure I often find that errors on a DotNetNuke […]

web.config Redirect non-www to www

That often looked for website redirect from the non-www version of the website URL, address, to the www version. In this case the redirect is for a Windows hosted website, using the web.config file to set the redirect rules. I wish to avoid adding the redirect within the website coding. […]

Blend two Images with the GIMP

I use the Gimp to edit and produce artwork. For a project I wished to blend the edge between two images. Whilst working on a recent slider for a website. The images I had to work with were either the wrong orientation or just not quite long enough to be […]

Change WooCommerce Product Category List Order

Changing the order in which WooCommerce displays product categories to create a custom order. To do this I navigated to the admin page Products > Categories. On this categories page is shown a list of the various products order with child entries beneath their parent. Viewing this page there is […]

Enable WordPress Missing Post Revisions

WordPress provides post revisions. A great way to step back to a prior version of your post! Whilst writing blog posts I’ve used the post revisions to check a previous version of a paragraph, or idea. and that all important recovery of a post which has had parts deleted in […]

WordPress How to Add alt Text to an Image

WordPress makes the management of images easy with the media library. As described in the article Why add ALT Text to an Image? it’s important to have alt text assigned to an image, for SEO. In WordPress, to add the alt text click on the media library link, on the left […]