Open IceDove Email Link in IceWeasel

Links in IceDove email messages weren’t opening in IceWeasel. How to configure IceDove link options? I found reports on the Internet that the file ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/default/<profile>/prefs.js should be edited as follows: user_pref(“”,”iceweasel”); user_pref(“”,”iceweasel”) I considered IceWeasel’s configuration, available through the about:config To make mailto links in firefox (iceweasel) open thunderbird (idedove) […]

$.browser is undefined

Following the update of WordPress perhaps a feature in one of the plugins has stopped. Reviewing the page errors with the browser inspector shows the error $.browser is undefined I have also encountered the $.browser is undefined error when I took over a website and updated the jQuery references as […]

dpkg: warning root’s PATH should usually contain sbin

Whilst updating a computer I encountred a dpkg error. apt upgrade listed all the gets and then concluded with this error: dpkg: warning: ‘ldconfig’ not found in PATH or not executable dpkg: warning: ‘start-stop-daemon’ not found in PATH or not executable dpkg: error: 2 expected programs not found in PATH […]

Update Row or Insert if Doesn’t Exist

When adding an entry to a database it would be nice to combine the addition with an update. For example adding a new entry if it already exists then that entry can be updated. This means putting more of the sequence within the database stored procedure. But it will save […]

Add New Admin User in Windows 2012 Server

Adding a new admin user will be divided into two actions: first the creation of the new user and then secondly the assignment of the user to the admin group. Connect to the Windows 1012 Server with Remote Desktop click on little down arrow at the top bar Select start […]

Creating Content Border with Images

Website content blocks, often called modules, or widgets, can be surrounded by borders to make them stand out. Perhaps notepad paper or an old parchment. Different surrounds and backgrounds can be used to make the content pleasing to the eye and to add distinction. The styling enables the content to be […]

Add IIS URL Rewrite

By default IIS is missing the URL rewrite. Looking at a fresh install of IIS admin view, the icon which should be found within the section, IIS, is missing. Having gone through the sequence to add as detailed in the article Adding ASP.NET Features to IIS7.5, I expected to […]

Add Scroll Top Image

When the web page has scrolled down an offset distance show a scroll to top image. When redesigning the VNTweb website, thinking about the longer article pages, I chose to add one of these. Scrolling the page down shows on image in a fixed location. Clicking on this image shall […]

Determine Subroutine Click Event Trigger

Using one sub-routine to handle more than one link button click event requires determination of which button click triggered the sub-routine. I had an existing subroutine handling a link button. Examining the entries in a form, updating a database and sending an email. A second button was required on the […]