Insert string into Database as datetime

Inserting values into a database table I wished to add a date and time. For this I used a convert CONVERT(datetime, ’26/05/2014 14:21:00′) However this will fail where the day value is too high. A value greater than 12 will be taken as an invalid month. Also the day and […]

Get Table Foreign Key Details by SQL

How to view the foreign key settings within a database administered using MyLittleAdmin? Looking to find information about foreign keys between tables, via the control panel for a website I was using MyLittleAdmin to manage the associated database. I was able to view the keys associated with a particular table […]

Change Colour of Text Underline

Looking to set the underline colour of text to be a different colour to the text. The default colouring will set the underline colour to be the same as the text, as illustrated below: Example text with an underlined word We can use CSS for setting the colour using the […]

DNN Browser Compatibility

Older versions of DotNetNuke supported the configuration of the browser compatibility of a website through the file /js/ClientAPICaps.config The operation of the default DotNetNuke SolPart menu with regard to different browsers is governed by this file. The file is divided into a number of sections, for example: <functionality nm=”DHTML” desc=”Dynamic […]

Configure User Agent in FireFox

Setting the browser agent in Firefox allows the browser to pretend to be something else. Traditionally the user agent string was changed to make the browser appear to be IE6. Without this some websites wouldn’t work. FireFox hides the User Agent configuration in the about:config settings. I guess is one of those less frequently […]