Convert SQL Field of Type text to nvarchar(max)

To enable database tables to handle the extended character set languages I was looking to convert fields from type text to ntext. Aware of the pending loss of support for the field types text and ntext I also chose to convert these fields to nvarchar(max). SQL server 2016 is removing support […]

DotNetNuke How to Add alt Text to an Image

Alt text can be added to a DotNetNuke image either at the time of adding the image to the text content, or subsequently if required. DotNetNuke manages uploaded images and documents through the File Manager. I prefer to use the file manager to upload and manage my images and documents […]

MSSQL Table Search and Replace

Consider a database table of posts or pages. The website address has changed, perhaps from the development URL to the live website Or maybe the website’s URL is to change from to The tables are to be updated, ideally searching and replacing the old value with a new […]

Where’s the Windows 10 Control Panel?

Accessing the Control Panel in Windows 10 is one of those of course how obvious moments. I found that the main control panel home page in Windows 10 was access by simply right clicking on the Windows logo at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Right click on […]

WooCommerce Configure Order Only no Payment

I wished to configure a WordPress e-commerce website using the popular WooCommerce plugin to take orders only, without taking payment. I have previously used WooCommerce for product brochure management, hiding the prices to remove the shopping basket. WooCommerce was to be used as a product brochure with an order created […]